Monday, January 21, 2008


In the past two weeks I have had a professional tarot card reading, eaten scones with a clairvoyant, stumbled through a moving meditation, catnapped during a guided meditation, had healing touch to align my chakras, tried system integration?? (the Feldenkreist method! I literally sat on a chair while the practitioner moved my shoulder up and down 1/2 an inch!), bought incense from an Indian video-rental store, attended 12 step meetings of which I am a member, expressed Gratitude in a Gratitude journal, kvetched my way through the Morning Pages, prayed for others, prayed for myself, turned it over, taken it back, vowed to go to Church, vowed not to go to Church, considered reintegrating my Judaism, thought again, let it be, cursed, ranted, raved, moaned, begged, pleaded, oscillated, vascillated, felt superior/inferior/posterior to, wrestled with guilty/blessed/titillated (can't get enough of that word this week!). I have read about God, sex, the internet, universities, sin, Spiderman 2, noodles, infertility, bad toilet energy and Prometheus. I have eaten cake and I have not eaten cake. Mostly though, I have eaten cake. ******


  1. I'm right there with you on the cake.

    Are you doing The Artist's Way right now? I just restarted it today. I was going to do Vein of Gold or one of the other sequels but I decided it's been about eleven years since I did the original and I could use the refresher before I try and do part II. It kept coming up so I decided the universe was nudging me.

    Have you read her memoir yet? I'm a little scared to.

  2. I love you and you are the best!!!
    The Artist's way sounds great..if you do it ... I will do it?