Friday, February 1, 2008

Ain't No Casanova

After 24 hours of nerve-racking uncertainty, God retrieved my brain from the looney bin- hurray! Sometimes, it seems, ms. brain likes to take little fieldtrips to insanity-land without getting the requisite signed permission slip. Which is why I must keep ever handy my winged pegasus, my headless fertility goddess, my double-stuff oreos, one of my many journals and any old highly romantic and engaging novel that happens to be laying around. Today's book du jour (is that the phrase? I'm not French, nor do I work in restaurants ((these days)) so pardon my vulgarity) was "In Lucia's Eyes" by, oh goodness, I don't remember already! Anyway, he was a Dutchman who writes the story of a woman that Cassanova mentioned briefly in his diaries-- Lucia -- his childhood true love who disappeared from the plantation where she was a servant girl only to be found many years later with a grossly disfigured face in Amsterdam. It's a very interesting book for many reasons--- there are graphic scenes of small pox, a beautiful red-head whose passion is drawing airships, whole passages of brilliance from Cassanova himself that in mood and flavor are reminiscent to me of Oscar Wilde's "Portrait of Dorian Gray." And the red-light district of Amsterdam contrasted with the pastoral country-side of Italy, both of which I visited at the age of 20 in search of- or maybe on the lam from- my very own beautiful, arrogant Casanova. Anyway, thank you Lucia---you ever so gently helped transition me away from the dark side. **** Call me crazy, but I don't think the guy up there is very lust-provoking. What's up with Casanova???

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