Thursday, February 7, 2008

holograms + me = nerd (squared)

During the past 2 weeks or so I have been reading "The Holographic Universe" lent to me by my good friend and colleague, Mr. Brandon Reynolds (as himself.) I have now learned just enough about how our big old world works to make me dangerous. In fact, I hesitate to even attempt to post about this because I might end up transported to another dimension. Wait! We already exist in multiple dimenisons! That's the beauty of the book. As you travel with it through time and space, you are already there. So, the author, Michael Talbot, begins by drawing the reader in by evoking the image of a holographic Princess Leia and then skyrockets us on to multiple personalities, the collective unconscious, synchronicity, psychokinesis, why placebos might work better than drugs, the effect of brain waves on technology and crazy French people throughout the ages that have been invulnerable to raging fires and falling bolders.

OK, I am not going to try to pretend to attempt to explain any of the phenomena about which I am reading, I just want to admit and brag that I am reading it. Of course, as cutting edge as it may seem- it's actually ancient history, published at the dawn of the end of the last century, the old days of 1991. (the author I just learned died the very next year of Lukemia at the age of 39).

One reason I'm excited to read this book is that it's based largely on the life work of one of Stan's favorite authors and phycisits: David Bohm. Now we have something in common other than our marriage and our child! Now I might have a vague clue as to what he's talking about! However I am in possible and grave danger of becoming an even higher ranking nerd than ever. For example, this sub-chapter heading made me laugh out loud:

"Does Consciousness Create Subatomic Particles or Not Create Subatomic Particles, That Is the Question."

Yes, Michael, that is the question! It is! What?!? I can only read about one chapter a night as I lie in bed next to my son who is watching Ice Age II with Queen Latifah as the Mommy Mammoth and Ray Romano as the Daddy Mammoth, before my brain starts to sizzle and blow blue sparks. But it's a good chapter and a good end to the day- or maybe it's the beginning?

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