Thursday, February 28, 2008

the romance, the break up and the apology: about which she knows nothing!

This is a photo I took at WomanKind, February 2006.

So yesterday, Style printed my diatribe about not getting the Anne Lamott interview the last 2 times she's been in town. I wrote one just for me the first time and then elaborated and compounded for the second. But, when I read it in print it sounded a lot more whiny and pathetic than I had intended. Why would she want to interview with me anyway!? Not that it's her that makes those decisions. That's what publicists are for. Anyways, you can read my article, entitled "She Loves Me Not" HERE.
Get out your hanky.


  1. oh, man, that sucks! i'm going to see her too. in fact, a bunch of us are going out for dinner before the talk if you want to join us. i have been trying to decide WHICH book to bring and what i will say when i meet her!

  2. What buttons shall we bring her?

  3. What button shall we bring her?

  4. I went and I brought her buttons! I don't remember which, so don't ask me. But she did ask us to google Robin Morgan's article, "Goodbye to all That" and I did, and here it is!
    Its really worth reading!