Sunday, March 9, 2008


I have distributed posters before, for various and sundry open houses and festivals, but never with such finesse and panache as I managed today. I was a poster hanging genius! I channeled my super powers by way of my passion for the mission- the Style Weekly Fiction Contest!!! On previous poster hanging details I have been the messenger without much of a message. At least not a personal one, hitting so close to home. Now I deliver poster as if my near future depends on it- because it does. I will be reading the stories that these posters illicit and I want them to be good. I want them to be plentiful. I want my fiction cup to over-floweth.
Judging stories in the past has been a dubious pleasure. If ever YOU submitted a story, yours is not the I'm talking about. Yours was great! I'm talking about those others, the ones that made me want to peel my eyelids back, take my temperature, call the po-lice, push the button, prepare for armageddon, crawl back into the womb, play the record backwards and wait for Satan to speak.
Please, God of Posters, don't let my foray into Panera and Starbucks and the Book Room and Superstars (of course not Ukrops- it's Sunday, silly!) and Book People and BIG BOOK SALE and Barnes and Noble be for naught. Submit something; give me something good. And hear this Barnes & Noble: Even tho you're conveniently located and have a train table and make a good latte, I'm not just "some lady from Style," I am "the lady of style" and I hung my poster even tho you said I couldn't! In your face! Well, I sorta propped it up there inside of the Style rack. But still! Sock it to the man!

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  1. I think I saw your poster hanging work at the JCC today!

    I'm tempted to write a story for the contest. You wouldn't show me any favoritism, right? I could if you wanted to....