Sunday, August 24, 2008

Having not blogged for the last 2 months I'm going to guess that I've lost the interest of my fan base (yes mom, that means you), freeing me up to say what I really think. Which unfortunately is nothing scandalous, just something basic: writing is hard. For me, doing anything consistently is hard. I can only do one thing at a time, especially if it's something good for me. Like eating right and exercising. Rarely do I manage to eat celery sticks for dessert after a big day at the gym- except for that one memorable day last July. Right now I'm not doing either, which leaves a lot of space for me to think positive thoughts- about how one day I will grow an organic garden and do handstands over my personal patch of okra in the backyard. For now, I'm working in the newspaper industry which is just booming these days- especially with the thriving economy and growing demand for print products (loads of job security and generous raises to boot!!), a broken muffler, bug sightings that would shock Gregor Samsa and the daily joys of raising a three year old. With this last, I do spare the sarcasm, for he truly delights me. Like right now he is demanding that I make a fort out of a folding ruler and 2 minutes ago he was in my lap begging me to make the world stop after a particularly nefarious spinning bout and 4 minutes before he showed me his paper with 2 large "O's" one large "E" and a squiggly line. What's that squiggle? I asked and he said "I don't know, it just looks like a wolf yelling in the snow." So he truly is a miracle, and no less a miracle is the fact that I've written anything at all in the last 10 minutes since I decided to tackle this beast of a blog that has been haunting me in its big empty, blank, dejected sort of way for the last month and 27 days or so. So once again I am at that place in my life where I have lots of excuses for not writing in the past, but the excuses for not writing in the present are growing shabbier and lamer by the nanosecond. Excuse me, I must go stuff a pillow up my son's shirt, but I must say, in a weird little way it feels good to be back.


  1. Your adoring public celebrates your return!

    I've been thinking of you all week. This must be why. My subconscious was heralding your eventual appearance.

  2. your fan base welcomes you back with wide open arms...some of us suck at posting more than every other new moon that happens to fall on a tuesday, so we're not ones to judge.

  3. Hi Valley, all your blog posts are new to me as Barry recently alerted me to their existence. How did the world ever get by without snippets of your miraculous perspective? Regarding gardening, I managed to pop out three small tomatoes and four green peppers and a smattering of cherry tomatoes... and... that's about it. And that withOUT a little one in tow. So don't worry too much about any gardening shortcomings you may feel you have. And drop me a line sometime! (little plug)

    Love, Dana